Friday, July 25, 2008


Stumbldor stumbled past this on his way home on Saturday night......why was it on my camera?

I'm a hands on kinda guy

Went to see Ignite @ the Arthouse on saturday night. The place was full of neck tattoos and a band that shat me to tears. It was way more fun after @ Vic's new bar. I got all hands on......

Greg a Tang and Matty were @ Trankerville..... why the fuck was i there?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A night in Hell City

Friday night Hell City Glamours played at Ding Dong. Love these man dudes. Heres Oscar ready to shred.

The face has been removed to protect the guilty.
"How good is it drinkin' with mates!" cheers Mappa
Kiss for the lovely Louisa.
Creepy girls
I told you "creepy"
Can it get worse?
Oscar shreding
Look at me......

Mums love me

Party dress on the right looks way better.
Nidal was pist and had me shreding
Take it easy
introducing two lovely ladies.
and look at them go....
We went to Pony bar after but i don't remember....... someone fill me in and sorry if i was a pain.

Germany shreding

So in mid July i went to Germany to shred the Bright tradeshow. It was fuckin' fun and i was Flyin' the whole time. Ran into some friends for the first time in 8 years, drank German beer till i no longer could stand.

Germans love guns. This place sold AK47s and a whole bunch of other shit to kill people.

The street course at bright was more like a track.

Heaps of modern shit....
with a bunch of old shit.
Party party party
Look at me, i'm king of the world.
Stay cool, stay in school.
The sounds coming from this peep show was fucked up, like a girl being raped.... so bad!
Ran into the HOON Javier.....Hoon on bro man.
I heard someone skate past my hotel, had a look and it was Luke Croker from Melbs. Always good to see a friend from home when your OS. Luke and Dylan shreding the night away.
Omar and Mike Mo in the house.
Take a seat bitch.

Kat was a ruler.
Fun times.
This was the crazy Germans.
Ewan and Omar
24hrs to get home was not a fun end to the trip but when the trip is free why complain. thank you and good night.