Thursday, September 25, 2008

Transvision Vamp

Went for shits and giggles to see Wendy James from Transvision Vamp last night, ended up being pretty cool. Iggy Pop to Biggie she played a bunch of cool shit for along time, so long i couldn't be farked hanging around.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Chester Chester the child...Staffy

Mexi has a new stable table, Chester... best thing about a staffy is that later in life they become the best foot rests. So many things to look forward too.
How good is his 'just let me sleep would you' eyes.
This is my staffy Zen, i miss this big gay dog alot. He lives the life in Wollongong, goes to the beach lot, eats birds and cats and wears knitted sweaters in winter. When he was with me he was a bit of a tough guy, then he got the chop and had a little leftover purse out the back and turned. Cool little homo....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A moving moment

When buying a new house comes new hope...
Hope you never have to move again...
Hope your mates don't steal the holy grail... what ever that is?
Hope you heard the last of ' i've got a mate that can take care of that...'
Hope that if you do ever have to move again your still young enough to rip out a trick on the trucks ramp while your couch is about to follow you.
Golden crail... I.G.D.D. is almost apon us!!!

Al Wilson ladies and gents.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chicken scratch

Need i say more?

Fishs life Manual ' 30+ and more energy than you.'

Fish could put any youngster to shame with his energy... he does it every weekend with us old farts.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sydney Pt 4

Nice bike...

Looks like fun...

Corbin was just waiting to click his heels and he'd be home...

I've got more but thats all i can be farked doing... back to normal posting soon, stay tuned.

Sydney flyin' pt 3

Corbin made it... PEACE!

Love this pic... check out Fish and then the remo top left...
... i had to do it... hands on!
Told you he got maggot.

Red beard in full pirate form...

but wait there's more... sometime soon.

More Sydney Flyin' Pt 2

Birthday boy was on top of the world..."look at him, he's fuckin' flyin'!"
Mambo swimsuit girl
Punched Pete...

' Great balls of fire!!!'
No need to point it out i was already looking...
Deep, very deep... " Deb we lost our bags on the way up, can you help us out?"
Creepy sniff..
Good form Glenn on being the drunkest i've seen you in a while.

Just touch em', you know you want to...

More soon....

Friday, September 5, 2008

Flyin', Fish do Sydney rockstar style pt1

Last weekend of August was Azars 25th birthday party @Ruby Rabbit in Sydney... me and Fish flew up all rockstar and shit...16hrs in total. Rambo inspired we went in and fucked shit up and got the hell out... no one gets left behind!
Qantas club is a good a place to start as any... free booze and food
Glenn did a bit of shopping...
Timmy was just randomly in Sydney, ripping!

Birthday boyyyyyy
Fish n Deb... lookin good...FUKNOATH!
Blairly legal, he'll laugh at anything..."look Glenn is drinking beer!, what a homo, go back to cider."Heads!!! it's all down hill from here... more next week.